Snapdragon Vs MediaTek Comparison which is better for gaming

Snapdragon Vs MediaTek

In modern-day and age, all of us use smartphones, some of us use budget device, the mid-range phone and flagship one. While lots of people in these days search on the internet buying new smartphone. Before buying a new smartphone they look for it that which one be batter for them in their budget.

So there are lots of people which buy smartphones. People are looking for the phones which have the best processor and chipset. while whenever we talks about processor two names comes in our mind Snapdragon and MediaTek. In this article we will Snapdragon vs MediaTek and we will find which one is better for gaming.

Snapdragon Vs MediaTek Comparison

When we talks about the origin of the both processor MediaTek in establish in 1997 in hsinchu. On the other hand Snapdragon is establish in 1985. Both are multicore processor’s. however when it comes to GPU and CPU performance Snapdragon is much better then MediaTek. While the battery life of Snapdragon is better then MT. When it comea to heating SD is good in that area and MediaTek provide intense heating. the cost of MediaTek is more cheaper is Compare to SD.

Qualcomm Snapdragon vs MediaTek Which One is Better in Gaming?

When it comes about to gaming phones there are lots of options, in modern days. In the every price rang you can find the best gaming smartphone with most the featureswhich are required for gaming. Now the main focus is that to compare Mediatek with Qualcomm that which is better when it comes to gaming we all know that both of them  are the most popular in the market and most of the people just know these two in the chipset market. While The American organisation Qualcomm came to the chipsets market with the Snapdragon processor i think year before.

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However we all know that Mediatek is the mid-range processor in the market so when the smartphone company does not focus on chipset side in mid range they fit MediaTek in their phones. We all know that Before Mediatek, the budget rang was not that much good. And now in short period of time, so many midrang gaming smartphones are coming with Mediatek that belong to the budget rang. however we can not say that one brand is better than the other brand. The final conclusion is that! that Snap dragon is better then MediaTek But Snapdragon is high rang chip. While MediaTek is not that good But its a midrang Chipset.If your have any query of suggestions please Contact Us here through this form

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