How to Run Android Apps on Windows 11 without Emulator

View Original Among the further notable features in Windows 11 is the capability to natively use Android apps on the desktop. After a testing period with Windows Interposers, the point is now available to all druggies — as long as you meet Microsoft’s conditions.

Still, you must install the Windows Subsystem for Android and Amazon Appstore, and your PC must pass a certain threshold, If you want to run Android apps in Windows. When you have everything set up, Android applications will work like some other local Windows application. Then is the manner by which to set everything up.

Check Device Conditions

To run Android applications in Windows 11, your PC should meet a numerous initial circumstances. To begin with, open Settings> System> About and actually look at the accompanying specs

RAM Your PC must have at least 8 GB of RAM, however 16 GB is recommended. This will be recorded as Installed RAM under the Device particulars area.
Processor Your CPU will be listed as Processor under gambit specifications and must live

  • Intel Core i3 8th Generation or above
  • AMD Ryzen 3000 (minimum) or above
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c (minimum) or above

Storehouse Type Your PC must also have an internal SSDinstalled.However, go to Settings> System> Storage> Advanced storehouse settings> Fragment and volumes and the runner should say SSD under your volume, If you are not sure what youhave.However, you are out of luck, If it says HDD.

Enable Virtualization Machine Platform

One of the more complex corridor of this process is enabling the Virtual Machine Platform, which will allow your computer to emulate different operating systems. The good news is that numerous Windows 10 machines — and all those packed with Windows 11 — have this enabled by dereliction.

Still, setting this up may bear you to dive into your PC’s Memoirs/ UEFI setup. Microsoft offers detailed instructions on how to enable this point, which will vary grounded on your computer’s manufacturer. You should also be suitable to enable virtualization from the Control Panel. Search for” Turn Windows features on or off”and choose the hunt result. Actually take a look at the Virtual Machine Platform choice and snap OK.

Update Windows 11

Microsoft added support for Android apps with Figure22000.526. Check Settings> System> About> Windows specifications and look for OS make to see what interpretation you arerunning.However, open Settings> Windows Update, If your figure does not pass muster. Click Check for updates and also Download & install coming to any available updates.

Update Microsoft Store App

To get close enough to Android applications, you should initially download the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft Store. All things considered, that must be done assuming the Windows retail facade itself has been smoothed out ( interpretation22110.1402.6.0 or over). Click your profile icon and choose App Settings to check what interpretation of the Microsoft Store you have. Need to modernize? Click Library and elect Get updates.

Install Windows Subsystem for Android

Once everything is streamlined and all conditions have been met, open the Microsoft Store and search for”Amazon Appstore.” Elect the entry and click Install> Set Up. You’ll also be urged to download the Windows Subsystem for Android, which is demanded to help emulate Android in Windows.

Click Download, also stay for the point to install. Once it has finished, click Next, also Renew. When the PC thrills back over, the Amazon Appstore should be installed.

Set Up the Amazon Appstore

track down Amazon Appstore in Windows 11 App. Click the Launch button> All Apps> Amazon Appstore. You’re also urged to subscribe in with your Amazon account before you can pierce the storefront. Once you’re inked in, the Amazon Appstore is available to browse and install Android apps.

Since the app is still in exercise, there’s a lower selection of apps than the Amazon Appstore typically contains. You can search in the hunt bar or use any of the orders displayed in the store to look for commodity to install.

Install an Android App on Windows 11

As an illustration, we are going to install the Amazon Kindle Android app. When it comes up in hunt, click the Get button to install it on to your computer.
The application will be downloaded and behave as though some other Windows work area application – limit it, make it full screen, or perform various tasks with Snap Layouts. Find it hitherto in the App List.

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