How To Install Google Play Store on Windows 11 (WSA, PowerShell)

Native Android app shore is one of Windows 11’s most instigative features, but there are some notable boundaries. The most expressive is that you can simply officially download apps from the Amazon Appstore, which has a bitsy bit of those you ’ll find on the Google Play Store. It also remains in testing at the time of jotting, capped to the Beta Channel of the Windows Insider Program if you command a US record.

But what if there breathed a way to pierce the full Play Store library on any Windows 11 play right right now? It sounds too valid to be honest, but we ’ve tested and can confirm that the system described in this composition works.

What Is Windows Subsystem for Android?

Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) is a Windows 11 element that runs Android apps on a Windows device in a Hyperactive-V virtual terrain.

The program is designed as a virtualized Android operating system grounded on the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP). Formerly installed, Windows Subsystem for Android can be penetrated from the “ Apps & Features” section of Windows 11 and may be uninstalled from there.

Through the Microsoft Store, Windows Subsystem for Android integrates with Amazon Appstore, which is an sanctioned mate that brings the Android know-how to Windows bias. Presently, both Windows Subsystem for Android and Amazon Appstore are only available toU.S.- grounded Windows Interposers in the Beta Channel. To come an bigwig, follow the last district of this installation companion.

Microsoft is probable to spend some time flowing the Windows Subsystem for Android Beta to ameliorate the stoner chops of Android apps in Windows 11. While they do that, you can circumvent the whole bigwig procedure to run a full-fledged Google Play favors experience on your Windows gambit.

How to Install Google Play in Windows 11

Presently there are two package differences on the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) that can be plant on GitHub. You can use either open source operation to install WSA and Google Play Store.

  • PowerShell Windows Toolbox
  • MagiskOnWSA

Neither system will work on a Windows 10 device. You should have Windows 11 to operate WSA.

Install The Google Play in Windows 11 Using the PowerShell Toolbox

This simple Windows PowerShell toolbox is available as an open- source GitHub law. Due to its one-click installation, it’s easily the briskly system, as it doesn’t bear any redundant software installations.

  • Navigate to the “ How to Use” section of the GitHub runner and copy any available law under “ Easy Start command” to your Clipboard.
  • Go to the Windows 11 Start menu search and open PowerShell in Administratormode.However, refresh the hunt, If you don’t see Admin settings for PowerShell.
  • Bury the law from the GitHub runner in the PowerShell window and press Enter. The process might feel wedged so stay for a many seconds.
  • Sooner or later, the Windows Toolbox will introduce. This will send off a different Toolbox window while the PowerShell stays open.
    You can do numerous effects with the Windows Toolbox, similar as reinstalling Microsoft Store, removing OneDrive and drawing up Launch menu penstocks. For the time being, you just need to click ” Install Google Play Store for Windows 11.”
  • As the Play Store runs on factors that use the Virtual Machine Platform, you ’ll have to enable it if impaired on your system. Enter “ yes” to insure the operation is in progress.
  • Still, it’ll be uninstalled and replaced by the new package, If you formerly had a dupe of Windows Subsystem for Android on your system. Type P to do.
  • The package will prompt you to download a WSA zip train from a bitsy URL link that’s generated.
  • Go to the download runner on your web cybersurfer and stay for the zip train download to complete.
  • Save the downloaded train to a well- defined position on your PC, similar as the desktop. Copy- bury its entire path and enter the position.
  • The old interpretation of WSA will be removed, and WSA lines will be uprooted and installed on your device.
  • Return to your rundown of applications on your gadget and check assuming that WSA and Google Play have been introduced.
  • In any case, jump to the approaching framework, If you didn’t prevail with regards to introducing Google Play with this PowerShell regulation.

Install the Google Play in Windows 11 Use the MagiskOnWSA

In this system, we’re using a root access tool like Magisk. A inventor has modified the sanctioned Microsoft WSA package to offer an intertwined installer that combines Magisk with open Google Apps, which are integrated into utmost Android bias. It’s a safe download link through a GitHub depository and integrates well in the Windows 11 terrain.

  • Subscribe in to your online GitHub account and visit the depository link to install the custom WSA.
  • Click “ Chopstick” to save the depository to your GitHub profile.
  • You should easily see the “ diverged from” menu change in your GitHub depository. Click “ Conduct” to do.
  • Still, also you need to enable that option by clicking “ I understand my workflows, go ahead and enable them, If your GitHub depository does n’t support workflows.”
  • To prepare the download lines, click “ Run workflow.”
  • You should now see a status communication that reads “ Workflow run was successfully requested.” You have to choose your Android apps package, similar as “ pico,” the absolute minimum, or “ full,” that will have the stock AOSP apps.
    Stay a many twinkles for the process to complete.
  • Once the download lines have been prepared, you should see a status that reads “ xx jobs complete.” Click “ Show all jobs” to review the tasks.

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