How to delete Google Hangouts Account without deleting your Gmail Information 2022?

Hangouts is an app that has been developed and distributed by Google. At first, it was introduced as an redundant point for Google but it was latterly changed into a standalone app. The main function of Google Hangouts is enterprise communication. Presently, Hangouts has two main variants, Google Hangouts Meet and Google Hangouts Chat. The app comespre-installed on some operating systems, and while it can be useful not everyone wants Hangouts on their device.

In this composition, we will talk about ways to completely disable the Hangouts app on your device. Because it’s available and integrated into nearly all the popular operating systems, I’ll list the colorful styles available for different operating systems. Make sure the system you are trying corresponds to your device’s Zilches.

How to remove Google Hangouts on PC and Mac

  • Open a new tab in your cybersurfer.
  • Subscribe in to your Gmail Account if you have not formerly.
  • Press the down arrow in front of your name. It’s located on your leftism.
  • Scroll down and elect the” Subscribe out of Hangouts” option.
  • Press the” Settings”cog on the right side to open the settings.
  • Find the”Chat” tab and check the”Chat Off” option.
  • Press” Save Changes”.

This should remove Google Hangouts from your computer.

How to remove Google Hangouts from Chrome

  • Open a new tab in Google Chrome.
  • Click on the three blotches in the top right corner to open the settings.
  • Press the” Further Tools” option and choose the” Extensions” button.
  • Toggle off the extension. This will not remove Hangouts From Chrome but it’ll disable it.
  • If you want to remove Hangouts entirely click the” Remove” button rather.

How to remove Google Hangouts from Android

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Find”Apps”and also valve on” Operations”.
  • Scroll down to find”Google Hangouts”.
  • Tap the”Force Stop” button and use the” Disable” option.
  • This will permanently remove the operation from your Android device.

How to remove Google Hangouts from iOS

Unlike the other operating systems on our list iOS does not come with Google Hangouts pre-installed but it can be downloaded from the AppStore.However, but you decided to get relieve of it follow these way.

  • If you downloaded the app.
  • Find the Google Hangouts app.
  • Press and hold on the” Hangouts” operation.

Tap the”X” button on the screen to remove it from the phone and confirm when urged.

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