Google Launching an AR headset to compete with Apple and Meta

Google is the Company which have a long history with the AR and also VR headsets. It looking like from companies like the Meta and Apple is pushing Google to make new gadgets like the AR headsets etc. According to Verge, and many more Companies, Google is working on to build a consumer-focused AR headset to grab the headsets market.

Google Internally codenamed this Project as Iris. Google’s is to develop headset which will uses outward facing cameras to blend the computer graphics with the feed of the real world. It does not require the strong connection to a power the headsets. Around 400 employees is working on project iris currently.

We do not know that Under what name the Project Iris will come in the market it is still unknown to everyone. Some Sources and most o f the public claims that the creators of AR-glasses which is soon to launch they will name it as Google Glass. In the addition, its not clear till now that which operating system will have to be used in the upcoming glasses Android or another its own new operating system.

Google project Iris is one of the top secret in Google. Currently hundreds of people is working on it but Google has plans to hire hundreds more employees to work on project iris. Its mostly efforts for this project is from Clay Bavo. Who gives this idea directly to CEO Sundar Pichai and He is also managing the Project Starline.

Launching new gadgets will gain some extra audience to Google. its a better step for google to participate in such projects. This will helps google to compete in other categories like AR, VR Headsets its an another step for google to gain more customers from all over the world. However google is planning to launch project iris at the start of 2024.

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