How to Change your Default Web Browser (Windows 11-10-8.1-7)

Each PC and cell phone accompanies an abandonment web Browser . Windows 10 and 11 use Edge, while Apple bias run Safari. On Android, the dereliction may be Google Chrome, Samsung’s Internet Browser , or commodity differently, like the stock Android Browser current in aged models.

Still, you do not have to stick with that dereliction. By changing it, any link or web- grounded train you elect will open in your Browser of choice. Then’s how to make the switch for each type of operating system and platform.

Set by Browser

There’s the first step you should try. Before navigating to the operation settings on your Windows or macOS computer, you can open your asked Browser and set it as the dereliction.

To do this in Google Chrome, click the three- fleck icon in the upper right and go to Settings> Dereliction Browser. Click the button for Make dereliction. In Firefox, click the hamburger icon in the upper right and elect Settings. In the General section, click Make dereliction. In Microsoft Edge, click the three- fleck icon in the upper right and go to Settings> Dereliction Browser. Click the button for Make dereliction.

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The same trick works for other Browser. In Opera, click the hamburger icon in the upper right. Click the link for Go to full Browser settings. Scroll down the runner to the section for Dereliction Browser and click the button for Make dereliction. In the Stalwart Browser, click the hamburger icon and go to Settings. In the Get Started section of the Settings screen, click the button for Make dereliction. And in the Vivaldi Browser, click the settings icon in the lower left corner of the screen. In the General section, click the button for Set as dereliction.


In Windows8.1, you ’re originally stuck with Internet Discoverer as the dereliction Browser. Change it out by opening the Charms bar and tapping the Settings symbol. At the Settings pane, go to Change PC Settings> Search and apps> Defaults. From then, the process is analogous to that in Windows 10. Elect the current dereliction for Web Browser and change it to the Browser of your choice,

Windows 7

Microsoft desisted offering security updates to Windows 7 in January 2020, so you should consider upgrading to a more ultramodern and secure Zilches. Else, Internet Discoverer is the dereliction Browser, though the process for changing it’s different than in Windows 10 and8.1. Open Control Panel in icon view, go to Dereliction Programs, and click the link for Set your dereliction programs. Elect the Browser you want to use as the dereliction. The status indicates that the new dereliction Browser presently has X of a certain number of defaults. Click Set this program as dereliction, and the status should change to indicate that the Browser has all its defaults.

Windows 11

For Windows 11, Edge is the dereliction. Originally, Microsoft made it delicate for people to change the dereliction to a different Browser. But after a slew of complaints, the company eased the process. To change the dereliction, go to Settings> Apps> Dereliction Apps. Scroll down the screen and elect the Browser you wish to set as the dereliction. Click the button for Set dereliction.

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That action changes the dereliction for utmost Browser- related lines, including HTM, HTML, HTTP, and HTTPS. Still, some web- related lines are still associated with Microsoft Edge. To completely switch, scroll down the screen and look for other extensions, similar as SHTML, XHT, XHTML, and FTP. Click a specific extension among these and elect your preferred Browser from the list.

Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Edge, which entered a Chromium- grounded overhaul in 2020. Naturally, Microsoft recommends that you stick with its own Browser, but you can change the dereliction. Navigate to Settings> Apps> Dereliction Apps. Scroll down the list of apps and click the bone for Web Browser. Choose from among Firefox, Chrome, or another program that’s formerly installed or that you can download from the Microsoft Store.

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